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  「The Reading Passage」

  It’s Time for Paid Family and Medical Leave to Empower Working Women and Modernize the Workplace




  We do two things in the introduction:

  Introduce 1. the argument of the passage:

  Kirsten Gillibrand argues that the Family and Medical Leave Act that has been in place for twenty-one years needs to be updated into the Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act so that the act can keep pace with the present time.

  and 2. the general progression of the passage and the general style ofwriting:

  With the historical role of FMLA acknowledged, the author introduces the upgraded version – the FAMILY Act, and argues through a great length of the passage for the renewed version, rarely with emotional intensity but with much reason.



  Part 1: Paragraphs 1 to 2


  Paragraphs 1 and 2 is the logical commencement of the essay. Before the author introduces the FAMILY Act, he revisits the preceding version of it – FMLA, which was developed twenty-one years ago. describe That is the background of the establishment of the FAMILY Act. In Paragraph 1, the predecessor preceding version of the FAMILY Act – FMLA was introduced, which “provides 12 weeks of unpaid leave “a year for workers, laying the foundation of the “paid leave”. Next, Immediately after the recognition of FMLA, its accomplishments, the author, in Paragraph 2, the author describes the annoying situation plight of many families, especially women, struggle with – since the time has changed “a lot has changed in the 21 years”.they Working women often “face the stark choice between a paycheck and caring for a loved one”. That suggests the need for an updated version of FMLA, and foreshadows the author’s introduction of the FAMILY Act.

  Part 2: Paragraph 3

  Paragraph 3 is the transition, connecting the prior statement of working men and women’s need for a paycheck when they need time for their families and the description of the FAMILY Act. The Act, the point of the author’s argument, is introduced for the first time in the passage at the end of Paragraph 3. In this transitional paragraph, the quote of President Obama is the highlight, and it is to say that the need is legitimate.

  Part 3: Paragraphs 4 to 5


  Paragraphs 4 and 5 form the major part of the essay. They properly introduce explain the Act. the evolved act (the FAMILY Act) chiefly in 2 main aspects – the explanation of the act and the purpose of the act. Paragraph 3 naturally transits the passage from the poor situation to the measure of the situation (FAMILY ACT). Next, In the explanation part, In Paragraph 4, the authorintroduced focuses on the low cost of implementing the Act, whose minimum is “less than the cost of a cup of coffee a week”. Meanwhile, because the Act the content of the act and two benefits – “it is completely paid for and “would not add a penny to the nation’s debt”, the author recommends the Act dispelling the legislators’ major concern. Kirsten also points out another benefit that and the benefits would follow you a worker everywhere. Next, by quoting “it’s time to do away with workplace policies that belong in a ‘mad men’ episode“ said by President Obama,the purpose of the act is to “allow women to contribute fully to the economic security of their families”. In Paragraph 5, President Obama is again quoted to suggest that the time is favorable to the FAMILY Act. It is believed that with the favor of the workplace change, the Act should seize the time.

  Part 4: Paragraphs 6 to 8

  In order to support the act, the author dispels doubts from opponents in paragraphs 6 and 7. By using the FMLA as an argument and listing statistics, the author argues that the opposition is groundless and “we will prevail” in this similar fight. Kirsten remains calm and confronts the obstacles of passing the Act. The obstacles FMLA faced are the reference for today’s FAMILY Act, as the author says that “we; re facing a similar fight and just as then”.The confidence is apparent, since the opposition was defeated in the past, and proponents of the Act will win today’s fight just as then. The author also encourages people to spread the word that there will be the FAMILY Act. In the conclusion conclusive part (Paragraph 8), the author states the purpose and the benefits of the Act again, implicitly showing his support and appreciation of the Act.


  We do two things in the conclusion:

  1. repeat the argument of the passage and acknowledge thesuccess of it:

  The essay successfully persuades the readers of the significance of having the FAMILY Act, the updated version of FMLA.

  2. summarize the many strategies and/or techniques in the line of arguing:

  Both clam analysis, about the benefits of the Act, and emotional appeals, made by quoting President Obama a few times, are used to make the case and to buttress the point. And the strong finish of the essay is expected to strengthen readers’ awareness of the need for the Act and to win their approval.

  This Fall, SAT Writing Weekly sees you every Monday.